Tuesday, December 15, 2009

'Tis the season for candles!

In my neighborhood, everyone is putting up their tree, their holiday decorations & LOTS of candles. They set the mood for so many occasions, but this time of the year, especially, I am in love with candles.

Take this tablescape for instance! It is from Elle UK (via Hip Hostess via iDIY via Happy Mundane...great taste you guys!) & couldn't be easier. I've been collecting wine bottles to use for water at parties, but maybe I'll collect a few extras for this.

And!! It reminded me of the fabulous tablescape my girlfriend from Romey & Zoe Custom Creations did for her holiday dinner party last weekend. The picture hardly does it justice. She has impeccable taste AND is the master of doing things on the cheap. Her website is coming soon...expect to see more of her on my blog when it does. This is her handy work...

Love the candles! It's hard to see from this picture, but the bottoms of them have a subtle coating of glitter. Add that to the glittery garland on the table & the light was bouncing all over the room. Everyone's faces were lit up. Amazing!

Anyone else getting creative with candles this year?

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