Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Etsy Profile - Oh Votre Coeur

Hello everyone! How fun are these Cranes? They are the handy work of my new friend Haley of oh votre coeur. She has a super cute shop on Etsy. Check it out here...but not before you read my little interview with her below.

(this is Haley! Beautiful paper flowers!)

KB: Hi! Introduce yourself:

Hello, my name is Haley Zalesky, and I am a crafter/musician/wife/class clown/office drone/audiophile! I run a shop on Etsy and I love to create. I also love to play my guitar and write songs, and to share beautiful, inspiring things with others. I'm not sure if I have a typical day, really. On days that I work, I try to spend the morning getting things done around the house, checking on my shop, updating my blog, things like that. And housewife things, too - though my husband is a huge support and help and never makes me feel like I have to do everything! I'm very blessed - we're really a good team.

It's coming into Canadian winter now, so there aren't as many sunny days as I'd like, which makes taking pictures for my shop a little difficult at times. The other day my husband and I went outside in -12 C (I think that's about 10 F) with freezing cold wind, just because it was bright enough to take pictures. I only lasted for 3 items and I had to pack it in - I was starting to look more scared and tortured than model-esque.. ha! He's a trooper though for doing things like that! Evenings usually consist of hanging with my husband Seann, more Etsying, or having friends over. We love chilling with good people.

KB: Tell us something NOT in your Etsy profile.

Hmmm. I have a full-length album called "Not the Queen" that I recorded in 2006; it's just me and an acoustic guitar... you can even search it on iTunes. Who knew?

KB: I know how you got started, but tell the readers…please

My first love was music, and I think it always will be, but creating things is so much fun, and I've just become enamored with this amazing community of people on Etsy - it's so inspiring! I never thought I could really create much, but I always wanted to. My husband and I were just married this past July, and we knew we wanted the event to have a very handmade feel, something that represented us well. So I taught myself some things like basic origami, and I learned to make flower bouquets to display. I ordered the bouquets for me and my bridesmaids on Etsy because of time constraints, but I made all the boutonnieres, and my roommate and I (bless her) spent hours and hours in our apartment folding cranes and cranes and more cranes. We had them hanging over the dance floor at the reception and they looked lovely. It was so much work though! Needless to say I went through paper-folding withdrawals afterward. I felt the need to keep my hands busy, so I thought - why not take something I've come to love and share it? I've also cultivated my addiction for finding amazing things in thrift stores, so that was the birth of my Etsy shop. I find it hard not to keep a lot of things though. I try really hard NOT to try things on when I bring them home, but sometimes I can't help it!

KB: Describe your Etsy store:

It's a collection of vintage apparel, jewelry, and accessories; and handmade paper pieces such as bouquets and cupcake toppers.

KB: Your store is a mix of paper objects & things you’ve found…how do you cultivate what goes in your store?

I look for vintage items that are lovely, funky, and that look great combined with modern pieces - items that still have a lot of life left in them and that just catch my eye! The problem with that is it's hard to list some of them - I fall in love with my vintage pieces pretty easily. As for the paper pieces, I like to put things in the shop that are colourful and fresh - things that bring happiness to a room or an occasion.

KB: Tell us about your music!

Hey - how'd you know? Heh. Well, I've written pieces as long as I can remember, really, but I started putting words to music in my early teens. Some of those were pretty rough! I had friends who loved creativity and music, and we all shared our creations with each other. I started playing gigs around my hometown, and once I moved to Toronto I continued. Since I got married life's been really busy, but I still love to write and sing. You can hear a little off my album here.

KB: What do you do when you’re creatively stuck?

I distract myself at first with anything BUT creating... I often will try to go back to what originally inspired me to start creating in the first place. Music is a huge inspiration. Right now I'm in love with artists like Florence and the Machine, Laura Marling, Noah and the Whale, and The Rural Alberta Advantage. There's something about an amazing song or harmony that just knocks me off my feet. Most of all when I feel stuck, I try to remind myself not to force it. It always comes back with a little time.

KB: Who do you heart on Etsy?

It varies! Today I went looking for soap and started hearting a shop that made it in the shape of a hamburger and fries. It was hilarious! I'm a sucker for jewelry, shoes, anything pretty, old, steampunk, victorian, ah - don't get me started, I'll be here for 20 years.

KB: I absolutely know what you mean. How about plans for 2010?

I want to add boutonnieres to the shop, and some more origami pieces. I'm constantly looking to improve my photos, presentation, everything! I hope to get a few more sales off the floor to be able to spruce up my look a little and of course add more things. I've pronounced a self-imposed ban on vintage shopping until everything I have on hand has been listed in my shop. Our apartment's not that big, I'm not sure how much else it can hold!

Mostly I want to inspire and be inspired, and share pretty things with the world! If I can help bring a little sunshine to someone, or find something that makes them feel pretty, I've accomplished the greatest thing.

Thanks for hanging out, Haley!! I can't wait to see what you stock your store with in 2010!

As a special for KBatty readers, Haley has graciously said she'll give 10% off on orders if you enter "kbatty" in message to seller at checkout. Ta-ta for now!


ohvotrecoeur said...

Kerry, thank you SO much for featuring me! Much love!


Blueberry Shoes said...

i love her!!!!

kbatty said...

Haley, you are SO welcome :)

devic said...

haley! that picture of you is so frickin cute!!!!!!!
awsum article!

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