Friday, March 11, 2011

Cards of the week - Rrrrrrrrrrred!

Where does the week go? Really, it is Friday already? Gees...

Cards of the week this week are in RED!! In the past I have worn red A LOT, though I have to admit I've been a bit off it for a while. Still. Nothing perks me up like red. It is the color of so many things - confidence, anger, this first card, it evokes laughter...

Maybe this is giving away too much about my sense of humor but I laughed out loud when I read this card from Kate's Paperie. The huge red circle around the booger-picker on the card there drew my eye straight to it on the Kate's greeting card page. {Spoiler alert to my will probably see this in the mail for your bday.}

Lovely letterpress card here from Aloha Letterpress in Hawaii. Elegant, simple, classic. Plus, the red envelope really adds a nice finish to the look.

This is Anna Personalized Stationery from designer Jana Volfova. Cute, well done illustration on the front of these flat note cards. The red really pops against the blue. LOOOOOOOOVE the back. Especially because it comes in a white envelope so you get this POW of color when you get to the card inside. Great mix of color & design! The item description says they are for children, but I think they would be fun & quirky for any age.
Last but NEVER least is this set from Kate Spade. On the website, the item title lists these as notecards, but the item description calls them notebooks. Hmmmm...whomever is writing Kate's website may have had one too many well-poured martinis when they were putting this item together. Either way, I still love the design & would be excited to pull this out of my bag to take notes in & write down ideas. They would also be exciting to open in the mail, so whatever they are, they are super fun.

How are you feeling about red? Did it cheer you up? Are you throwing things now? What are your favorite colors? Let me know, dear readers! We have a few weeks of color month left to go & I want to make sure I'm writing about things you are interested in. Leave comments!!

And have a great weekend! Next week I have a fun freebie for you to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

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Aloha Letterpress said...

Oh, that first card is a hoot! I so love the color red, too. Full of passion, love, rage. Thank you so much for also including my red hibiscus cards. Although hibiscus in Hawaii come in many colors, the red ones are among my favorites.
Mahalo nui,

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