Friday, September 9, 2011

Cards of the Week :: Back to School

(Teacher Silhouette Notecards - Set of 8 by Pop Heart Press)

Ok, vacation is over. Time to get back to everyone's normal routine & for me, that means back to end of the week posts about fun stationery/products. Cards of the Week!

It seems the most current topic is going back to school. The kids in our area were all trudging back to the classrooms this week...with a few lucky pre-schoolers starting next week. Here are a few fun products I found on Etsy to ease the transition into lesson time.

When I was young, I got a folded note to hand to my teacher. Nothing as fancy & personalized as this - Personalized Money and Note envelopes by Lindy of Itsy Bitsy Paper. What a good idea! I'm glad to see someone making something that could be so mundane so much fun...and it's personalized! If rockets are you child's thing, she has other options. Great job, Lindy!

(Bookplates or Labels Set Owls - Printable PDF file - Back to School by rkdsign88)

'Tis the season when kids need so many things - notebooks, folders, binders and books for the most part. Make sure they know who's is who's with these fun labels - Bookplates or Labels Set Owls by rkdsign88. I picked the owls because they feel so appropriate for this time of year, but she also has cupcake labels. For $4, you get a pdf file you can print over & over & over again. I think that's a great deal. No matter how many times your dog might each your child's homework folder, you can print another label to go on the next one.

 (School Notes - Personalized by pamblaine)

Again, like the envelopes, this is a fun (and easy!!) way to send information to your child's teacher or school - School Notes - Personalized by Pam of pamblaine. I remember if you were leaving early, the school had to have a note that morning. And no one was getting in any one's car other than their parent's without a note. No way. So! Here we are, that problem fixed with this fun & personalized notepad. I wish I'd thought of this! The check boxes are a great idea & there are really cute illustrations across the bottom.

Does anything quite say "Back to School" like fresh pencils? These are no ordinary pencil. They're I Love You To the Moon pencils by Cicely at Ecce Prints. I love the idea of sending my (presently imaginary) kids off to school with a message reminding them I love them. It makes me feel warm on the inside. What a nice touch to something that can be such a utility item. PS When you're in Cicely's shop, don't miss her prints! They give me ideas about what to get Mr. B for our anniversary later this month...

Teachers! There is something here for you too! Check out my top picture - Teacher Silhouette Notecards by Pop Heart Press. Choose from a few different silhouettes, pick from a HUGE range of colors and voila! Your own personal cards to send home all those lovely notes to parents.

(sigh) Kids, I don't blame you for dragging your feet on the way to school. The end of summer is depressing for me too. Virtual high-5. But! With the products above, I think we can all enjoy the new crispness in the air & all the things it brings with it...

Have a great weekend!


rkdsign88 said...

Thank you so much for featuring my Owl PDF Bookplates, very appreciate it. You have a lovely blog :)

Lindy@Itsy Bitsy Paper said...

Thank you so much for featuring my School Envelopes. Once I did these for my son I realized how much the teacher's loved the organization of it and it's cute, which I find appealing. I started selling them in my shop last year and they have been a big hit and can be customized to each student's needs.

Thank you again!

kbatty said...

so glad you both stopped by! Lindy, I love your story! Great idea!

heather bredimus said...

Wow! This is so awesome! I am in LOVE with those envelopes! What a great idea! Thank you so much for featuring my teacher notecards! You are the best!

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