Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cards of the Week :: Fall is here!

Thursday started out as a beautiful late summer day. The high was 80. And by 6pm it was 60. Holy-shock-to-my-system, Batman.

Ok, Mother Nature, I got it. Apparently it's time to get on with Fall.

(Autumn Leaves with Birds - Set of 8 Notecards by Dots and Dahilas)

While you can get these in any combo of colors, I love Autumn Leaves notecard set by Julia at Dots and Dahlias for Fall stationery. Add to the colors the bird & leaves...which are traditional symbols of Fall...and it's perfect for any message. Know someone with a Fall birthday? I may have just done your shopping for you!

 Another fun example of sewing & stationery combined, these Autumn Cards Set with Bunting Flag from Rainy Day Colors are catching my eye. Great use of kraft paper, great seasonal colors, you can use these cards for anything - birthday card, enclosures, thank yous, name it. And, she has gift tags in her shop that match. Love!

Usually, I wouldn't pick out these cards as I'm not really into squirrels, but something about them made me keep going back to the listing. They are just cute. Period. So darn cute! Squirrel with Acorn is a great mixed media card. Hello, acorns! Another great symbol of the season. Plumeria Papercraft, who designed these beauts, has some other great fall cards with birds &, of course, gourds...what is more "Fall" than gourds??

Ok, I'm kind of in the mood now to break out my close toe-ed shoes & blazers. How about you?

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