Thursday, September 1, 2011

What I did on my summer vacation

(Mr. B & me with the Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA)

Hi guys! Remember me? Your fearless blog writer??

Whatcha been up to? I've been on vacation - well, kinda. There has been work with the play but there has been LOTS of play...

(Dodger's game in LA with my Uncle Jim)

(The beach in Dana Point, CA after Mr B's cousin's wedding. Beautiful!!)

(The golf course, Bellport, NY, where we rent in the summer)

(The Great South Bay from Bellport, spent A LOT of time on the bay this year in our new boat, The Beach Buggy)

In between fun on the bay & our trip to California, I have been hard at work on custom wedding pieces. Really excited to share them as they are all really different & were fun to work on - like these menus for one of my clients...hand stamped doilies!

Stay tuned for more!

I hope you all had a wonderful summer!! Just Labor Day weekend left to go really, so get out there & enjoy it!!

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