Friday, May 20, 2011

Cards of the Week - Pull out the grill!

{Pork Butcher Diagram of a Pig 11 x 14 by The Word Shop,
available in other colors & sizes!}

It's coming. Do you feel it? I do. Every day that the weather gets warmer is one day closer to me using my grill. Actually, these days because of our apartment I'll likely be taking over someone else's grill but that is not the point...

Today's Cards of the Week: Cookout & BBQ invitations! I list those separately for a reason. A cookout does not mean you have BBQ. BBQ is something you serve. A cookout is what you do. Plus, if you tell me "we're having BBQ" you better have pork products for me to eat :) I am from Eastern North Carolina & I love my shredded pork. Enough about that...I'll get on my soapbox about Eastern vs Western BBQ...I take this stuff very seriously if you haven't noticed.

A traditional Texas-style party is what I'd expect getting this, though it could be for any backyard party. Love the color of the paper & the barbed wire as a design element. You would think that would be used more often on BBQ-themed invites but I can't say I've seen it much. This is a new site to me, Invitation I really like all the personalization you can do it the designs! Play around with a few! It will make you want to have a party...

I have been eyeing these on Etsy for a while. Cool post card invitations by Girl In Gear Studio. Doesn't mater if this is a general cook out with burgers & dogs or a rib-fest, these set the tone for a laid back come-chill-in-the-yard kind of event.

Last but not least is this really traditional cook out inviation from Paper You can't go wrong with red checks, especially with the red grill shown here. The reason I'm showing this, though, is more for the coordinating pieces which are all shown right in the item listing. Matching address labels, thank you notes, napkins & fun crepe placemats (not shown above) are all available to keep your theme going. Especially in the summer for something like this, I am all for 1 stop shopping.

Anyone planning a party this summer? Can I come?? :)

PS More fun invites over at Zazzle!

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