Friday, January 13, 2012

Cards of the Week :: Brrrrr...

So far, in New York, this year, we've had it easy, winter-wise. Especially when you take last year's snow fall into account...this has been a breeze.

Not. Any. More. According to, it is currently 30 degrees, but it feels like 14. Oh, and windy. I'll say. It sounds like I live in a gorge the way the wind is howling in our back yard.

Time for some wintery stationery to fit the forecast!

I'm glad these designs all come in one package because I honestly couldn't pick just one. The snow flakes are dainty. The kid on the sled is great. The fleur de lis is a classic symbol for any season, but feels wintery in this color scheme. And the deer...I want it blown up in a poster on my wall. Or on a pillow! It's cool. Love it. High 5 to Angela Flores of Paisley Prints Etc. for a great card set. If you like these, you will adore her shop.

What would a Cards of the Week post be without SOMETHING that's letterpressed? For this blog, that would be crazy talk. This card is cozy, simple, elegant & fun for the season. I like this style of hat for a wintery card, as well as the choice of printing it in eggplant. It comes with matching white envelopes by Palettes Co. Or! You can have this winter hat note card...also super freakin' cute.

I love the red & aqua in this card by Melanie Kimmett. She has a whole series of wintery cards with animals in this color palette. 

I just thought this card by Notes by Red Letter was adorable and fitting for the day we're having here in Brooklyn. The wind looks a lot nicer here though than it sounds outside my office window. The flags are personalized which is awesome! The pattern at the bottom of your card is also a choice (love the plaid) as is the envelope color (I would stick with the strawberry).

Happy weekend everyone!! Grab your scarf!

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