Tuesday, February 21, 2012

iPostcards? :: the Postagram app

I never click on ads. Almost never. My husband clicks them all the time. He's in ad sales, so he calls it research. It's a little irritating because if he's on one of my devices, it means that I will later be served ads for all kinds of crazy things. Last night, though, it finally worked in my favor...I was compelled to click an ad on, of all places, my iPhone.

Behold: POSTAGRAM by Sincerely

How cool is this? Take a picture on vacation. Put it on a postcard in the Postagram app. Write a note. Send it to a friend...wait for it...in the snail mail! And for $0.99! That includes postage & printing, which I think is pretty cheap, especially since the app is free. Boom! Done!

I will be testing this next week in Florida. Stay tuned...

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