Friday, February 17, 2012

{post}Cards of the Week

 On our recent trip to Puerto Rico, I looked all over for postcards to bring or send home. Found none. Zero. Zilch. Nada...well, none that my highly-evolved taste deemed worthy of my family & friends (not to mention postage. Ye-gads!).

So, to Etsy I went to find out of postcards can still be cool. The answer is yes!

This set of 4 postcards is made from the fine art photographs from the proprietor of Jackdaw Boutique on Etsy, Louise Knight-Richardson of Chichester, England. I especially love the clouds & Fly Away cards in this set. You could send them from anywhere.

By land or by sea or by air, this super cute postcard set covers all your travel bases. Linda of One Fine Dae paints these on chipboard. Adorable!! Each design also comes in it's own set. Might order the Happy Sailing set (pictured up top) for our trip to Key West in 2 weeks. Oh wait, in 1 week. Yikes!

Last year my in-laws went to Paris for the first time. Many of their Christmas & birthday presents leading up to their trip were all French focused. These would have been a great addition to their lot. I LOVE the photos. And, when I think about it, isn't that what most postcards are?? I always look for fabulous photographs of the place I'm visiting, the kind I would, for whatever reason, not have been able to take myself. These are from the photography shop Visionary Fish by Adina Rafaila who is a photography student from Romania. Her Etsy shop is to help pay for her studies in the UK. Good luck Adina!!

These cards are from Camille at Not So Modern Millie of Windemere, FL. She has an adorable shop - love the cross stitch - that includes these generic & fun postcards. Send them from anywhere...or no where. You get to decide as the destinations choices are all customizable & chosen by you. Great gift for anyone you know that will be backpacking this summer.

Anyone have any more get-a-ways planned this winter? Spring Break coming up?


Camille said...

Thank you for the kind mention... I am terribly flattered! Your blog is lovely and your work is top-notch. Thanks for giving me a great new site to frequent! Best of luck to you!

Adina said...

Wow, I wasn't expecting such a great surprise for this weekend! Thank you so much for the kind words and support!

Dearest Jackdaw said...

Hello from your newest follower - thank you so so much for featuring my postcards! And what a gorgeous collection you've selected :) I love postcards! ♥

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