Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Love Letters on Letters of Note

Today I discovered a great blog called Letters Of Note, which collects & publishes letters, telegrams, postcards that they deem interesting. This letter certainly qualifies! It's a love letter (transcript after the break) from American Artist Rockwell Kent to his wife from waaaaaaaay back in 1926.

 {Image from Archives of American Art}

Frances! I am so lonely I can hardly bear it. As one needs happiness so have I needed love; that is the deepest need of the human spirit. And as I love you utterly, so have you now become the whole world of my spirit. It is beside and beyond anything that you can ever do for me; it lies in what you are, dear love — to me so infinitely lovely that to be near you, to see you, hear you, is now the only happiness, the only life, I know. How long these hours are alone!

Yet is good for me to know the measure of my love and need, that I may at least be brought to so govern myself as never to lose the love and trust that you have given me.

Dear Frances, let us make and keep our love more beautiful than any love has ever been before.

Forever, dearest one.



Cool, huh?! Also, I loved this one. It's not a love letter, but advice about love from Ken Kesey, the author of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. I can understand what he's saying here. There's is definitely a thing as too much honesty...

{Image via Glen Horowitz}
Dec 15, 1986

James Harmon


Dear James:

Here's some advice I have been giving to just-marrieds over the last decade or so:

Don't say it. It's too hard to take it back. I've seen too many loves sundered by too much needless honesty. These psychological ding-dongs that tell people to speak their minds to their mates, to vent their spleens? What do they accomplish? All they produce is a lot of lonely self-righteous minds & ventilated spleens.

Ken Kesey

P.S. Faye & I have been married 35 years. KK

I love seeing all the handwritten letters from years ago on their site. See more in their archive. Great material to get myself in the mood for Valentine's Day! Anyone considering sending a love letter this year?

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