Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back to School

Uggg...back to school. It still brings butterflies to my stomach - so much so that I've been sitting on this post for WEEKS. But! There are some cute things on Etsy...and practical too...that bring me around the idea. You know...if going back to school was something I was still doing. Ha!

Links row by row, starting at the top, left to right: Vintage Bookplates by Kids At Heart Designs, Washi-wrapped Japanese Pencil Set by maoliosa, School Excuse notes by Fancy Shmancy Notes, Carrots & Dog Applique reusable lunch bags by High Fiber Co, Library Card Notebook by Crab Apple Design, and last but not at all least - Einstein Mini Notebook by Happy Dappy Bits.

Not pictured, but also worth checking out are the bags at Preppy Owl Accessories. Love!

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