Monday, September 10, 2012

Wedding Doilies 2.0

Remember the wedding menu doilies I made last summer? I had another order for them! Wahoo!! They arrived safely in the UK last week. Now they have to make it to my client's house. I'm tracking their every move!

And who wouldn't? The picture above was taken during my first trip through the line at the USPS. I had grabbed the wrong Express Mail box. Apparently this was the $78 shipping box & was looking for the $38 box. I was given an IDENTICAL box & told to repack my stuff. Oh USPS...if you could only get your shiz together...

Fingers are crossed for a happy email from my client this week telling me that not only did the doilies arrive, but that she LOVES them. Yeah!

Funny to read my old blog post about these. I said look for them on my Etsy shop soon. Ooops...I finally just figured out how to list them. It's a very custom job, so I didn't really know how to word the listing. But! With this order, I figured it out. So! Now I can really say - look for the listing on my Etsy shop!

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