Friday, September 7, 2012


This week's top 5 are...

Pinterest - how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! So much inspiration. So easy to share!

My French Twist. There is a great tutorial on The Beauty Department here. I actually got this on my first try. It's shockingly easy. I'm just learning to do things like this with my hair so if I say it's easy, then you can be sure it's a cinch to do.

{my mil with my nieces, Molly & Margaux} 

My mother in law! She was hawk eyes on our boat this week as we couldn't take it back to our normal marina last weekend. The weather was not permitting. Fortunately she found us a temporary slip & checked our boat every day. Thank you, Jill!

My mom - she's a peach :) Shown above with my brother, also a winner :)

Best friend catch up - Spent an hour on the phone with Mrs. D the other night. Man, I miss her...

Happy Weekend everyone!

1 comment:

Sarah Grace said...

it looks like you had such a great week!

happy friday!

xoxo, sarah grace

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