Friday, June 7, 2013

Best Father's Day DIYs

Father's Day is coming! A week from Sunday as a matter of fact. Did you get anything yet for Dear Ol' Dad?

If my previous post about manly stationery didn't inspire anyone, how about making him something? Here's a small round up of ideas I think are worthy of anyone's old man.

This is quite possibly the coolest Father's Day gift I've seen. Shrinky Dinks Tie Pin or Keychain on Oh Happy Day. Full tutorial here. You could really do this for any holiday or gift-giving opportunity & expand the craft to loads of things. For instance, I think I'll make some wine charms for my mom with pictures of her dogs for her birthday in July (Mom, pretend you didn't just read that).

Also amazing? How about Make Your Own Dad? Like a paper doll, but with manly pieces. Welcome to Man Making from Kirsty Neale. She has a great blog called Ginger & George. Lots of fun paper crafts!

I both of those ideas if it wasn't for the blog Henry Happened. There is a great round up there of 100 Handmade Gifts for Dad.

This one is all me. Custom cuff links for Dad. You could put anything in these, but pictures would be great. How about cut-outs from a story book that Dad used to read to you? Or pieces of baseball tickets from a game you guys have seen. Pieces of your score card from your last round of golf. OH! Or I have programs from shows that my dad & I have seen! I could go on, so if anyone is stuck for an idea, let me know. There are some cool kits on Etsy. The picture above is from Annie Howes. There's another great shop on Etsy with personalized pieces - White Truffle.

So?! Any ideas sparked here?? I know there isn't any stationery in here, but I like to make things other than cards. Especially gifts! My dad & my brother...and my husband...are hard to buy for. They don't wait for a holiday to get what they need. They just go buy it. So, it's a challenge to get them something meaningful & fun. Sometimes, you just have to take matters into your own hands. Literally!

Want more? Take to Pinterest. There are some super cool ideas!!

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