Friday, June 28, 2013

My Dad's Father's Day Card

As promised! A little post about the Father's Day card I made for my Dad. I followed the awesome example on Ginger & George that I talked about in this post & made my dad a duplicate of himself for Father's Day. This was SO much fun. I highly recommend doing this!!

I printed the pieces provided by Kirsty on Ginger & George & made sure to have plenty of extra paper. I also used my Prismacolor color pencils for color. I traced certain pieces on the plain paper (using a pencil & my Pilot pen), colored & cut those out (being very careful with my Xacto knife), mixing & matching until I got what I thought most closely resembled my dad given the pieces provided.

I changed the shirt slightly as my dad's every day attire has been a short sleeve polo shirt most of my life instead of a dress shirt or t-shirt. Also, after I took the pictures I decided to add CEC to the right breast of the shirt. That stands for Carolina Equine Clinic which is my dad's veterinary practice. He is basically retired at this point but I thought it would help in conveying the message "hey Dad, this is you!" when he opens the card. I'm particularly proud of the hair! It's hard to tell in the photos but it's a nice mix of the brown & gray on my dad's actual head. Yay!

This is my Dad & me from LA in May. How'd I do??

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