Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Daddy of all Stationery

{Design I'm working on. Folded note or postcard? thoughts??}

I would not be a very good stationery blogger if I did not show some options of awesome stationery for Dad, would I? Nope, I wouldn't. This IS a stationery blog after all, but do I sound reluctant to write this post? Um, yes, I am.

You see I am TIRED of seeing stationery for Dad that has trout or golf clubs on it for Dad. It's not that those aren't in the right wheel-house. It's just...Come on people! We can do better than that!

And we have...

Crane & Co will never let me...err, you...down. Is it another monogram? Yes, but this is cool. I love the layout of the initials. For Mr. B's birthday I got him a LL Bean boat tote with the Block Stack monogram on it. Feels cool. Very Steve McQueen...if he was into boat totes.

Bug stationery!! How cool & manly are these cards from Bug Under Glass on Etsy? Weevil Knievil!!  There is also a print of a beetle riding a skateboard if that's more your dad's speed.

What do you get when you combine a dandy, a pipe & a compass rose? Kick-A&& note cards for Dad! Page Stationery is the maker of this fine set, as well as other manly-card sets featuring vintage drawings similar to above. They cool cheeky Christmas cards as well. 

Father's Day cards to give Dad with his gift of manly stationery to come...

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