Friday, June 7, 2013

Cards for Dad

So, you've picked out/made/secured a present to show Dad that he's tops in your book. Now for the cherry on top - the card that goes with the gift. For some people, that's all they do for Dad...just the card. Simple & meaningful. That's cool too.

Whatever your liking this year, here are some cool/funny/masculine/dad-worthy cards:

I posted this one last week in Paper Porn, but I have to share it again because I am STILL laughing...From Rain at the Cheeky Kumquat.

For the dad with an excellent sense of humor...and perhaps a motorcycle or stories about being backstage with the Rolling Stones...Or just the coolest dad on the block in your opinion. Great sentiment & awesome design on this card from Carlee J of Little Sloth.

Maybe it's all the Game of Thrones talk lately, but this one is speaking to me. I like that it's a printable - quick & easy to give to Dad. My kind of card! From ByNeri.

Lydia and Pugs has great illustrations! They are so sweet...and yet something about this one is masculine at the same time.

What would a round of up cards be on this blog if it didn't include letterpress??? Here are 2 great & totally different examples - Why don't we see more LGBT stuff these days?? This is great!! I love the use of the universal men with the child. Bravo to Caroline F of Etsy shop Streudel. So smart!

And of course this one from Missive is amazing. Hand drawn type is very in right now, let alone lovely calligraphy like this. It's all over the place. This is a lovely example of it. Good "dad" colors, as is the choice of the kraft envelope, another of my favorites.

Last but certainly not least, I have 2 on my Etsy shop for your consideration - Dad Rocks (which is making the jump to letterpress next year!) and This is a Father's Day Card. Both are characteristic of my style - clean, type driven & include one of my favorite accessories of 2013, the kraft envelope.


What are you sending to Dad this year?? Since my dad is awesome & reads my blog, I can't say what he should be looking for in the mail, but I'll share it after the fact. ALSO!! I have a printable Father's Day card coming your way next week.

Don't. Go. Anywhere!!

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