Friday, June 14, 2013

High 5 for Friday

A return this week to High 5 for Friday! Want to join the TGIF party? Head to The Lauren Elizabeth (formerly From My Grey Desk) to check out what others are thankful for this week.

Our sweet puppy looks more like a dog & less like a puppy every day. Still, she is a super snuggler...or trying to be. She's crammed in my lap, trying to take a nap as I type this. She's getting too big for it :( Makes me so sad!!

Yay for wedding season!! My dining room table is full of doilies for a special bride on Long Island. I just finished another set for another lovely bride here in Brooklyn which are also still on the table. Best. Mess. Ever.

The boat is going in this weekend. I am so excited. It means that summer is really here!

I am so thankfully for my other selling friends. Ilka Werner, Melissa Kelly, Zsuzsanna Barbu pictured above. There are many more :)

I sent my letterpress rollers off for maintenance this week. Seems like a month already. Can't wait to get them back already!

Happy weekend to everyone!!!

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