Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cards of Last Week

Hi readers! Last week I didn't get my Cards of the Week post up. Shame on me, I know. To get back on track, I have 2 posts planned - the first kicking off thus:

K. Batty Rescues Mother's Day

Two weeks ago my cousin, Kate, asked if I could help out by designing 3 sets of stationery for gifts for Mother's Day. "Do we have time?" she asked, fretfully. "Yes!!" I said, "but we must act quickly!"

And so we did...Designs were decided on within the week. Orders placed. Orders arrived, checked, assembled & forwarded to my cousin for gifting. All in the span of a week & a half. It was Operation Custom Stationery-In-The-Blink-Of-An-Eye. She was thrilled, her "moms" were all in love with their gifts & I was so excited to be able to get the job done for her.

{M for Marie, her grandmother, left, with pink lemonade envelopes.
ABH for her mom, right, with sno cone envelopes to match the stripe detail on the card.}

{A triple monogram for her mother-in-law, in periwinkle with envelopes in banana split, left.
All the colored envelopes to match each set, right.}

Have I said how much I love colored envelopes these days? Not that I ever disliked them, quite the opposite. Maybe I am just finding myself more comfortable with mixing them into the design. Hmmm...

So you see, I was working hard on these & COTW had to be put off. I'm good at being busy, but I can't always "do it all." Though, God knows, I try. Oh! Good news! I have been asked to do another project with my cousin - look for our collaboration on bridal shower invitations.


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