Monday, May 9, 2011

My new love...

Last week, I saw this bag in my inbox, thanks to my daily Vineyard Vines email (above). Any one who knows me offline is not surprised in the least to know that I fell in love the second I saw it.

Fast forward to Thursday night, last week. I'm at a benefit for the Fiver Children's Foundation & guess what is on the raffle table!? Yes! This bag! And I could not find a raffle ticket sales person anywhere. Drat. I was saved by my friend Gabi who put one of hers in the tin for me. And, as it turns out, she had the lucky ticket.

Thanks to Gabi for her generosity & for keeping my stylish this summer! I cannot wait to sport it. xo!

PS Love this clutch in a similar style...{le sigh}

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