Friday, May 27, 2011

Cards of the Week - Red, White & Blue all over

Happy Friday everyone! And what a Friday it is! The official start of summer, as I have known it my whole life, has been Memorial Day weekend. But, that is not the real meaning behind our holiday weekend. It is to honor & remember those military service members who sacrificed their lives for our nation. In honor of them, Cards of the Week is loaded with red, white & blue...

Love all of these - The Red Flowers set comes with a nice tan envelope that I think complements the flowers nicely. Great detail on the cat tails on the Love Cat Cards. I want to have those coasters sitting on my coffee table to give it a punch of color. And the Cheers cards - love the oversize stamp. Send it with a bottle of bubbly!

Blind letterpress is the process of letterpressing without ink. So cool, don't you think? Here are three nice examples of its use, in totally different styles. Skulls - with a kraft paper envelope they are hip, not goth. Snowflakes - I've seen them printed a lot with blind letterpress - never get tired of it. It's a quiet design falling snow. Then, I love the heavy font on these personalized cards mixed with the delicacy of blind letterpress. And lastly, jumping back to the upper right corner of the picture above, the flower cut outs on these gift tags are a nice touch. Simple yet interesting.

Another set of lovely cards! The graphic print of the bird prints rock. It's country & cool in one. The Polka Dot thank you notes may be one of my favorite thank you notes that I've seen this year. So cute that I want someone to send me one. Hip Hop Hooray reminds me of summer spent at horse shows. It says "reward for hard work & a job well done" to me with those crisp letterpressed lines. Many Thanks shows the awesomeness of letterpress. All those lines are letterpressed - so many that the white oval is the most eye catching part. It looks like a felt sticker on the front of the card. Well done!!

So! Enjoy your hot dogs & hamburgers this weekend & don't forget to say a thanks to the men & women who served our country. Have a great weekend!!

PS if you have hamburgers & hot dogs, remember: that's a cookout {wink, wink}

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Letterpress said...

What a great theme, Kerry! We are so honored you included our Hip Hip Hooray card in your post. It's such a delight to see so many fantastic paper goods in one post - wow!

heather & thomas

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