Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Double Dip for Cards of the Week

Hey! Have you seen the new designs from Mr. Boddington for Paperless Post, called Mr. Boddington's Nephew. They are so nice, so chic. I could see each one as a proper printed (oh! or letterpressed!) invitation or announcement.

These are just a few from the birthday category. Mr. Boddington's Nephew (great name!) also has designs for cocktails, showers, announcements & bridal occasions, although a lot of the designs overlap those categories & so can be used for whatever your imagination allows.

Part of what I like to do with this blog & in my business is to help make written correspondence & proper printed materials accessible. They don't need to be complicated to send or pick out. Plenty of options out there. So, I wouldn't normally bring up e-vites. However, these are an exception to the rule.

Plus, let's be honest. Life is busy. We all do the best we can. If you need to send e-vites do it.

Paperless Post has really done a bang-up job. Mr. Boddington's Nephew is not their first line of designers to partner with them. Look for one of my favorites, Boatman Geller, on their site, as well as many others. Have you ever gotten anything through them? When you go to their site to receive your mail, it actually opens an envelope that your card comes out of! Almost like the real thing...

Enjoy browsing!

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