Monday, December 10, 2012


I try to be religious about keeping liquids away from my computer. Apparently either myself...or someone else (ah-hem!)...has not been as careful as once thought.

Friday night I updated my MacBook Pro, (brand new as of July) shut it down & mentally started my weekend. On Saturday morning, I started to fire it up for something...only it didn't fire up. Made zero noises, flashes or any signs of life of any kind. Not even the spinning beach ball of death (Mac owners, you know what I'm talking about). Holy. Sh*t.

Today's trip to the Genius bar at the Soho Mac Store revealed the culprit. After I SWORE to the technician that I had NEVER spilled anything on it, he brought back evidence to the contrary. Ugg...What really gets me is that the liquid that got into my computer was a TINY dribble. TINY!!!! Seriously?! So small & seemingly insignificant that it's no wonder I swore liquid never touched it. There was zero evidence on the outside of the machine.

So, my laptop was medi-vaced to wherever the Mac hospital is to be repaired for an enormous fee that is still less than a new laptop (Merry Christmas!) and will hopefully be back in my loving arms by the end of the week. Pretty quick, turn around actually.

Now I'm shaking in my boots because even though I thought I was all backed up...or at least backed up for the most part...I'm realizing how much time goes by between back ups. Usually as soon as I'm done with a project, it's moved to my external hard drive. But my own stuff? Ummm...I'm not as diligent. So - a plea to the people who are working on my laptop -

Please treat it with the utmost kindness & care, returning it fulling functioning with all my work on it. Please. Puuulllleeezzzze!!

When my laptop gets back...safely with all it's contents fully intact... I'm putting up the following in my office:

WARNING! If anyone who is even holding liquids so much as looks in the direction of my laptop, you. are. toast.

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