Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Postable :: Usable?

Thank you internet! You bring such interesting things into my life each day. Yesterday, you brought Postable to my attention. Actually, I think it came from Tara Bliven at Ephemera...anyway...

This looks like a great site! At the Handmade Cavalcade, I took an informal pole - Do you send Christmas cards? The answer was yes as often as it was no & the reasons for not sending them often related to a lack of addresses. The marrieds that came by all had them 'cause they got married. But, what is the rest of the world to do?

So! I'm trying out Postable. I have most if not all of the addresses of the people I know (I'm one of those marrieds!) but! As someone who is in the card business, I think it's my duty to check this stuff out.

It looks SUPER easy. You sign up & get your own URL to pass around so that your peeps can give you their digits. Boom! Done.

I'll report back.

PS It also asks for people's birthdays!

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