Monday, January 14, 2013

Ahoy, Hammock Pack!

Happy Monday! Today, 135 people will be getting 2 of my Ahoy cards in this month's Hammock Pack. What's Hammock Pack? Oh, I'll tell ya!!

Subscription goodie boxes seem to be all the rage these days (Birch Box? Box of Awesome?) and Hammock Pack is one of them. A really good one!! Erin, who started the service last year, chooses a theme each month & puts together really great products around it. Check out the Hammock Pack blog for items from her December "ski theme" box. Makes me wish I'd ordered one.

This month's theme is sailing! Enter my Ahoy cards, which Erin found on Etsy. Thank you, Internet :) One week & a small transaction later, she is the proud owner of an enormous amount of stationery for her boxes and I am very excited I had the chance to work with her.

Why Hammock Pack? Well, for me, it's because Erin has great taste. She picks products much the same way I design cards. I think about what I would like & I make it. She fills the boxes with what she likes & it turns out her subscribers agree. Plus, Hammock Pack brings "a doorstep getaway" to you each month. Who couldn't use that? Especially this month. Sailing vacay? Yes, please!

There are 3 subscription methods: sign up for one month, for 3 months or the year. I'm thinking after one month, you'll be hooked.

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