Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome, Victor!

Big news today...I am off on a road trip to Pittsburgh.

Ok, that's not the big news. But the reason I'm going to Pittsburgh is. I have found a tabletop letterpress! Tabletop means that it sits on a cabinet or other surface, not on the floor which means it's apartment-sized. FINALLY!! I have been looking for this machine for YEARS. Seriously, years.

That's my precious in the picture above - a Cook's Victor 6 x 9.

You guys know my love for letterpress. I post about it frequently, especially in the Cards of the Week post that I used to be good about doing. Then there was the letterpress month I did a few summers ago. Anyone remember this Valentine's Day post...that went up in April? Am I on top of my blog calendar, or what?!

This road trip is a milestone in my love affair with letterpress. I'm a little nervous as I've been in pursuit of this form of printing & this type of press for so long, the saying "be careful what you wish for" seems to be ringing in my ears. But! That is just self doubt creeping in & if 2012 taught me anything it's that my gut kicks my self doubt's butt.

My gut says: I'm off to Pittsburgh...

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