Thursday, January 17, 2013

Looking into my crystal ball

Where am I going in 2013? No idea...but I have a few thoughts for the first quarter:

1. Be more visible in social media

I'm not just talking about Twitter & Facebook. I think those are strong areas for me actually. In 2013, I'm getting off my site a bit & reaching out to other bloggers. That will mean commenting more on other blogs that I like/love & forming a plan on others to approach as media partner.

2. Be more visible on the market scene

2012 was great at confirming what I thought in the back of my head all along - my cards will sell well in person. It was tough to get started, but I think I might be hooked. Connecting with your customers, hearing & seeing what they like on your table is THE BEST feedback that I can get. AND!! It drives online sales, duh.

3. Learn it, love it, letterpress it

First quarter is about 2 things - picking some spring markets & getting to know my new letterpress.

I wish I could layout the whole year for you right here, right now. Past the 3 things I've mentioned above, I'm kinda stuck. For the first time I do not want to set goals for the year. In the past, those goals have gotten me to February or maybe March. Then I tend to forget them or loose track of how I'm keeping them going all year. That makes setting them feel pointless & like I'm setting myself up for failure.

This year, I'm setting goals/plans by quarter. I need smaller bites...


Laura Simms said...

Hi Kerry! This looks great, so glad you linked back. I think planning by quarters is a great idea. Easier to wrap your head around, and let's you adjust to the year's successes or challenges as you go. Congrats!

Kerry B. said...

Thanks Laura! I hope so. I needed a way to break my goals down into something that felt easier to stay on top of. Will keep you posted! Thanks for stopping by!

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